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  To improve quality management level and connect with international tradition, Zibo Jiweize Chemical Co., Ltd. passed the certification of ISO9002 Quality Management System in 1999. To keep the most steady state of CPE performance, we gave strict selection and in-factory inspection to main raw materials and established in-factory inspection procedure of raw materials. In production progress, we adopt 5,000L reactor, monitor temperature by automatic temperature perambulation instrument to keep reaction temperature departure within ±10℃ and homogenize finished CPE in 20m3 homogenization warehouse to ensure the excellent consistency in performance.
  Besides normal inspection of quality control department to ex-factory CPE, the company also gives special inspection to special performance of individual customer and measures mixed material flow curve and mechanical property of plastic modified type CPE to determine its modification effects, vulcanization curve of vulcanization film, mechanical property, Mooney viscosity and tearing strength of rubber CPE. In addition, the company dispatch special after-sales serviceman to investigate quality condition and make products reach users’ requirements.
   With technical services for CPE sales, when technical problems occur during using process, we will give research about processing technique condition to ensure users to use CPE well.
  Advanced Technology, Scientific Management, High-quality Products and Highly-efficient Service.
  Full-time Quality Control Department: 9 full-time inspectors conduct quality inspection on warehousing products, 12 part-time quality controllers perform process inspection, stringent inspection standards have been applied to every working procedure.
  Increasingly serious environmental pollution restricts our sustainable development of national economy. To govern air pollution and develop green environmental industry, we are stepping in the emerging field of developing green environmental technology and equipment.
  Aiming at incentive mechanism and optimizing solution of reducing pollution, Jiweize actively introduced ISO14000 (Environmental Management System), invested RMB 1.2 million to build 12 sewage treatment reservoirs and sewage treatment equipment for successive years and made effective contributions to improve social environment and ensure staff health.